Rivers and Wetlands

Rivers and wetlands in NSW are under critical stress due to a history of unsustainable water extraction. The Murray Darling Basin has lost 90% of its wetlands and native fish populations, and 80% of its waterbird populations and River Red Gums.

In light of this, the Murray Darling Basin Plan provides an opportunity to secure the long‐term future health of the Basin through reducing consumptive water use in the Murray Darling Basin. The NSW government has an important implementation role and must cooperate with the Federal government to achieve a healthy river system for its dependant communities and environment.

Coal and gas extraction are increasingly posing threats to surface and groundwater flows in rural and regional NSW. The impact of climate change will only further exacerbate the situation and increase the degradation.Commitment to water reform in NSW is necessary to conserve ecosystem health and the biodiversity of our rivers and wetlands in the face of new and emerging threats.

The NSW community is looking to move past archaic forms of water management. This is exemplified through the breadth and depth of community and industry opposition to the Tillegra Dam proposal – a dam that threatens to destroy the Williams River, the internationally recognised Hunter Estuary wetlands and the flow dependant local fishing and prawning industries.

Basin Plan Talk in Orange


The Nature Conservation Council and the Inland Rivers Network, together with the Central West Environment Council recently held a community event in Orange on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. 

The Basin Plan Talk provided an excellent opportunity for locals to hear from experts about why we need a Basin Plan and the process and proposals for the Plan. 

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NSW government dumps Tillegra Dam proposal

The Nature Conservation Council has welcomed the decision by NSW Premier Kristina Keneally to scrap the proposal for Tillegra Dam in the Hunter Region. We are a member of the Save the Williams River Coalition and congratulate all the tireless local campaigners on a great outcome for the environment and community.

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Line drawn over sketchy development

 Joint media release with Total Environment centre and Lake Wollumboola protection association inc

The proposed 1200 lot coastal development between two Wetlands of National Importance
on the NSW South Coast should be scrapped to protect the area’s significant habitat and
wildlife, environment groups said today.

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Thredbo Oil Spill

Thredbo River by Ian SandersonLast weekend an estimated 1,000 litres of diesel oil spilled into the Thredbo River, allegedly from a holding tank in Thredbo Village. The NSW Fire Brigade quickly responded placing booms at various locations across the river in an attempt to contain the spread of the oil slick, visible on the surface of the river. However, the spill continued throughout Saturday and well into Sunday before the source of the leakage was contained, raising questions about access to potential chemical spoilers of the alpine environment.

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Crack down on floodplain harvesting a good first step

Image by suburbanblokeEnvironmentalists have welcomed a decision by the NSW Government to crack down on unlimited floodplain harvesting.

Until now, floodplain harvesting has been a virtual free for all, with individuals able to steal floodwater from the environment and downstream communities.  

Getting serious about water theft has been a long time coming. 

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Caring For Our Rivers Report

NCC have released 'The Caring for our Rivers' Report. This has been prepared to document the key issues facing NSW nearly ten years after passage of the Water Management Act (2000). With NSW gripped by the most serious drought on record and alarming climate change, 2 million Australians, wetlands and aquatic ecosystems are facing increasing hardship on the Murray-Darling System.

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Win for the Warrego River

Help save the Warrego RiverAfter weeks of campaigning, and many letters from our supporters, Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has cancelled the auction of water licences for the Warrego River.

Graziers, environmentalists and the downstream community have been united in their calls for the sale not to proceed.

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International recognition due to Lake Wollumboola

The Nature Conservation Council has called on the NSW Government to celebrate the unique beauty of Lake Wollumboola and protect it under a Ramsar listing.  Lake Wollumboola is a fragile and unique place that provides a safe haven for many endangered plants and animals like the Little Tern and the Green and Golden Bell Frog.


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