Coal exports must not undermine community efforts to reduce carbon pollution

The Nature Conservation Council of NSW has a long and proud history of building community support for action on climate change and investment in renewable energy.

“We strongly support a move away from polluting fossil fuels towards a clean economy powered by renewable energy,” Chief Executive Officer Pepe Clarke said.

“In addition to our effective public advocacy for action on climate change, our highly successful community education programs have helped thousands of households save power, reduce waste and make the switch to clean, renewable energy.

“Community action to reduce carbon emissions must be complemented by strong public policy, aimed at reducing Australia’s total contribution to climate change.

Over the past week, there has been media coverage of a funding proposal prepared by Greenpeace, seeking philanthropic support for a campaign to oppose the rapid expansion of coal mining and exports.

“While we were not involved in writing the funding proposal, we are strongly opposed to further expansion of the coal industry in Australia, due to its contribution to global climate change, as well as the very real impacts of mining on local communities and the natural environment.  

“It is entirely appropriate for the environment movement to speak up for local communities threatened by mining, to advocate for stronger protection of natural areas and water resources, and to oppose the massive and rapid expansion of this destructive, polluting industry,” Mr Clarke said.

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