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The O’Farrell government announced frightening changes to the way coal mines can be approved across NSW, once again putting the interests of the mining industry ahead of local communities.

The proposed changes will place mining profits above impacts on communities, water and existing businesses when assessing coal mining developments.

The O’Farrell government has time and again sided with industry over local communities. It is critical that they hear from people who oppose this irresponsible, unbalanced policy. Send a letter today!


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Recently the Minister for Planning withdrew the NSW Planning Bills until March 2014.  After two weeks of debate in the Upper House, the bill included a range of amendments that improved on the damaging draft legislation.  

This outcome was the direct result of thousands of people like you that demanded a better planning system that protects communities and the environment.

But the revised legislation still falls far short—it remains unbalanced and unfair, placing the interests of developers and industry ahead of the a fair, sustainable planning system for our state.

Send a letter to Minister Hazzard and key parliamentarians today!

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The O'Farrell government took a giant leap backwards in protection for our amazing marine life by allowing recreational fishing from beaches and headlands in marine sanctuaries. 

This move goes against the fundamental principles of sanctuaries zones as safe havens for our marine wildlife and sacrifices conservation and fisheries benefits for the short-term benefit of the few.

Tell the O'Farrell government to stop playing politics with our precious marine life. Send an email today!

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The Score, the NSW Government mid-term environment report card, details how the O’Farrell Government is failing the environment.

Under Premier Barry O’Farrell’s leadership the government has allowed expansion of polluting coal mining while cutting funding for clean energy, opened the door for uranium exploration, slashed funding for conservation programs and opened our national parks to amateur shooters.

Clean air and water are critical for the health and future of our state. Our oceans, parks and bushland provide essential wildlife habitat and popular tourist destinations. If you care about clean air and water for all and are proud of the state’s stunning coasts, bush, and wildlife, email key Ministers today!

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Right now, the NSW Government is conducting a secret review of forestry regulations and timber supply options. The timber industry is calling for one million hectares of our national parks to be opened to logging, along with damaging changes to the forestry regulations that protected threatened species and their habitat.

There is a very real risk that forestry regulations will be weakened and protected areas within our state forests revoked, placing native species and rare forest types at risk. We must not let this happen.  Send an email today!

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In an important step in the right direction, the NSW Cabinet voted to prohibit new coal seam gas activities within two kilometres of residential areas and sensitive rural industries.  

But the threat to our land, water and wildlife is far from over. 

The mining and gas industry still has access to the overwhelming majority of our state, and this move will not deliver much needed protection for our drinking water catchments, agricultural lands and iconic natural places.

We have a long way to go but our collective voice is working.  Send an email today key Cabinet Ministers!

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Help reserve the Ben Bullen State Forest.

The Ben Bullen State Forest is the western gateway to the Gardens of Stone area of NSW. The Gardens of Stone is a magnificant area of coloured escarpments, upland swamps, rock arches and pagodas that provide habitat for many endangered plants and wildlife.  

This area is under threat from a potential open-cut coal mine.  

Right now, we have a unique opportunity to help protect the health of its environment, and the health of the communities that surround it by declaring Ben Bullen State Forest a State Conservation Area.  Voice your support by sending an email today!

This community initiative by the Blue Mountains Conservation Society is supported by the Nature Conservation Council of NSW, Colong Foundation for Wilderness, Lithgow Environment Group, National Parks Association of NSW, Rivers SoS and The Wilderness Society NSW.

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Recently, the O'Farrell government announced it would review three critical laws that protect our threatened native wildlife and landscapes.

This review could result in a serious weakening of our state’s most important and hard won environmental protection laws.

Native landscapes play a critical role in protecting water supply, reducing salinity, and providing critical wildlife habitat.

Tell key ministers that our remaining native habitats must not be sacrificed for short-term political gain.

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NCC NSW has joined thirteen other non-government organisations to call on all Members of Parliament to resist the push for uranium mining in NSW.

New South Wales is at a crossroads.
The nuclear industry is high cost, high risk and a direct threat to workers' safety and the long-term health of our environment and communities.
If you believe our shared energy future should be renewable - not radioactive - join us and sign the Uranium Free NSW Petition.



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