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What it takes

For more than five decades, the Nature Conservation Council of NSW has worked successfully to protect wildlife, forests, rivers and oceans, and mobilised hundreds of thousands of people to demand real action on climate change.  

By becoming a Voice for Nature and making a regular monthly donation to the Nature Conservation Council you provide a vital, reliable source of support to help us speak out for the protection of the environment and sound management of our natural resources. 

You will be helping to save and strengthen protections for our endangered wildlife and forests, helping to ensure mining and CSG development is properly regulated, supporting local environment groups and helping develop a well-planned strategy to create a sustainable future,

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When you become a Voice for Nature, you join a vibrant community of passionate, informed individuals, working together for a more sustainable future.

As a regular Voice for Nature supporter you will:

• receive updates on what you have helped us achieve, so that you feel informed and up-to-date;

• stay informed about important environmental issues and our ongoing work to protect nature;

• learn about exiting opportunities to take action for the environment, including online actions, petitions and community events; and

• know that you are part of a vibrant community of concerned citizens, motivated by a desire to protect and restore our natural world.

Most importantly, you'll be confident that you are doing all you can to make NSW cleaner, better protected, better planned and more sustainable.

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Voice for Nature - monthly giving program

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