Dharawal National Park a win for local conservationists

The Nature Conservation Council of NSW has today welcomed the declaration of Dharawal National Park, and paid tribute to those who have worked so hard to make the park a reality.


“The declaration of Dharawal National Park is a real win for local conservationists, who have worked tirelessly for more than three decades to protect this remarkable area from the impacts of mining development,” said Pepe Clarke, Chief Executive Officer of the Nature Conservation Council.


“The new national park protects more than six thousand hectares of rugged bushland, pristine creeks and delicate upland swamps.


“The creeks and upland swamps of Dharawal were under very real threat from BHP Billiton’s plans to extend its coal mining operations under the area.


“The declaration of Dharawal National Park will place these sensitive areas off limits to mining and gas development in perpetuity, protecting unique wildlife habitat in the headwaters of the Georges River. 


“Coal mining has had serious impacts on the landscape surrounding Dharawal, including severe damage to rivers and streams in Sydney’s drinking water catchment.


“Government regulators and the community must remain vigilant to ensure that mining operations and coal seam gas exploration near the park do not threaten the natural values of this remarkable area.


“We welcome the establishment of Dharawal National Park, and encourage government to build on this achievement by delivering stronger protection for sensitive natural areas and water supply catchments through its regional land use planning process,” said Mr Clarke.


More information:  Pepe Clarke 0402 325 471

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