Justin McKee wins Dunphy Award

Justin McKee has won the Dunphy Award for his work with the Blue Mountains Conservation Society campaigning to protect the Gardens of Stone, a stunning landscape in the Blue Mountains near Lithgow.

The award is given annually to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding commitment and success in the conservation of the NSW Environment.

 Awards - Dunphy Award_0.jpgMcKee received the award at the NSW Environment Awards, presented at the NSW Nature Conservation Council’s annual conference at Sydney University on Saturday, October 27.

The judges said in their citation said:

“Justin is the Blue Mountains Conservation Society’s Campaign Manager for the campaign to protect the Gardens of Stone.

“Through networking, communication, knowledge and ability, Justin has encouraged hundreds of people to join the crusade to save Ben Bullen Forest from the bulldozers and Coalpac’s destructive mining proposals.

“Justin’s campaign work has been exemplary and he has performed well above the call of duty, exemplified by his ability to rally the disempowered residents
of the small rural township of Cullen Bullen.

“Justin is also playing a leading role in the current campaign against hunting in national
parks and played a pivotal role in the successful campaign to stop the Tillegra Dam.”

About the Dunphy Award
The Dunphy Award is given annually to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding commitment and success in the conservation of the NSW Environment.

The award honours the work of Myles and Milo Dunphy. Myles Dunphy (1891-1985) campaigned for national parks and wilderness in NSW.  He was a co-founder of the Mountain Trails Club and the Sydney Bush Walkers and co-founder of the National Parks and Primitive Areas Council. He was involved with the National Parks Association of NSW, campaigning for a professional parks service.

In 1977, Myles received an OBE for his conservation work. He also received the IUCN's Fred M. Packer award for Long Service with Merit in Advocacy of National Parks. Myles’ son, Milo (1928-1996) led the fight to preserve the Colong Caves and the Kanangra-Boyd wilderness. Milo set up the Total Environment Centre in the early 1970s and for many years served on the NCC Executive. Milo was awarded an AM, the Sidney Luker Memorial Medal from the Australian Planning Institute and was named Architect of the decade.

Evaluation criteria:

Nominated individuals must have upheld one or more of the following principles of

  1. The protection of the environment through advocating for the conservation of
  2. resources.
  3. The protection of the environment through creative campaigning.
  4. Protecting communities from harmful pollution or inappropriate development.
  5. Empowering and organising individuals and groups to protect the environment.

Additional criteria for evaluation are:

  1. Length of environmental activism
  2. Level (degree) of activity
  3. Effectiveness in environmental awareness raising
  4. Sustaining involvement until conclusion of campaign/s
  5. Networking and co-operation with other conservation groups

This award is specifically intended for individuals who have had the courage to
challenge government and non-government decision-makers.

Contact: James Tremain  0419 272 254.

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