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Solar VS Coal power

Burning coal is the number one cause of climate change.

The chemical make up of coal means that a lot of carbon dioxide (the main heat trapping gas involved in global warming) is emitted for every unit of energy produced.  Natural gas is about half as polluting as coal.

Coal is cheap and there is a lot of it in Australia.  However, it is only cheap because the market fails to factor in the environmental and social cost of burning coal.  If the true environmental cost of burning coal was factored into its price, then it would be very expensive.

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Sydney 1000 solar roofs challenge

Solar Roofs There has never been a better time to switch to solar hot water.

Government rebates on solar hot water systems means now is the time to switch to a clean green solar hot water system. 


We are throwing down the gauntlet to Sydney residents: Add 1000 solar panels to the roofs of the Sydney skyline before the end of 2009.

Excellent rebates are now in place for solar hot water systems, so the time to act has never been better.

Replacing an electric hot water system with solar is the single most effective measure a household can take to reduce its energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It will save on average 3-4,000 kilograms of CO2 emissions each year over the life of the system and between $300 and $600 in energy bills.



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Emissions Trading, Garnaut and the Green Paper

Wind Turbines by Fort Photo @ Flickr A seminar and workshop on emissions trading, the Garnaut Report and the recently released Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Green Paper, presented by the Nature Conservation Council, Climate Action Network Australia and the Total Environment Centre.

10am-1pm, Tue 5 August
Mitchell Theatre, Mechanics School of Arts
280 Pitt St, Sydney

$15 for Nature Conservation Council Member Groups
or Climate Action Groups registered on

To find out more, download the flyer and booking form here.

Shark Action

take action

Save the sharksDid you know that countless sharks in NSW waters are being killed so their fins are exported to the booming international shark fin market?

Say no to shark fin export!

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