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The NSW marine environment is under increasing pressure. Many species are now under threat due to over fishing.

The 'Nice Choice!' project has been developed to inform and educate consumers about how you can make better sustainable seafood choices.

The project aims to inform and educate the public about sustainable seafood by promoting alternative species that are currently undervalued at sustainable levels.

In consultation with industry, government, scientists and conservationists, we have identified 10 species of seafood considered undervalued and harvested at sustainable levels.

We are encouraging consumers to consider trying one or more of these species as alternative choices.

So why not try something different? Support your local fishmonger and ask for one of these cheaper, local and sustainable species of seafood.

Nice Choice!    

10 Sustainable Seafood Species


These 10 species are considered sustainable choices because they have been assessed as not being over fished by the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Discover our 10 Nice Choice! species, why they are considered sustainable and inspiring new ways to cook them.

Australian Sardine Luderick  Spanner CrabSea MulletEstern School Whiting

 Australian Sardine      Spanner Crab         Sea Mullet      Eastern School Whiting    Luderick



Australian SalmonTarwhine

Yellowtail Scad

Leather Jacket





Australian Salmon                 Trawhine                   Yellowtail Scad           Leather Jacket








Nice Choice! Recipes

In support of this project, some of Sydney’s top Chefs and food consultants have developed these great easy recipes to inspire you.



Australian Sardine with tomato olive salsa

By Brigid Treloar,  freelance food consultant and demonstrator




Baked Eastern School Whiting with fennel and fresh tomato sauce

By Sydney Pemberton, Seafood Author and Chef




By Sydney Pemberton, Seafood Author and Chef



Sea Mullet

Escabeche of Sea Mullet

By Jared Ingersoll  Executive Chef, Dank Street Depot




Spanner Crab


Spanner Crab pasta with garlic, lemon and Parmigiano-Reggiano

By George Francisco Jonah’s Restaurant,Palm Beach


If you are a seafood retailer and would like to get involved in the Nice Choice! project, please contact the Food Sustainability Officer at NCCNSW on (02) 9516 1488, or email ncc@nccnsw.org.au. 

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