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The O'Farrell government has taken a giant leap backwards in protecting our amazing marine life. Back in March the Government announced it would overthrow decades of sound science and allow recreational fishing from beaches and headlands in our marine sanctuaries. This outdated decision is being reviewed so there's no better time to stand up for our sanctuaries!

Marine sanctuaries are like national parks of the sea - they are special areas where we can experience our marine life as nature intended. With only 4% of our coastline in sanctuaries, we cannot afford to lose these vital protections. 

But right now our marine sanctuaries are in the fight of their lives. 

Allowing fishing in marine sanctuaries goes against the fundamental scientific principle of sanctuaries zones as safe havens for our marine wildlife. 

Marine sanctuaries benefit everyone who loves our marine life and coastal lifestyle. They protect feeding and breeding sites in our ocean where marine life can thrive and build more resilient ecosystems in the face of natural disasters and climate change. 

Tell Minister for the Environment, Robyn Parker and Minister for Primary Industries, Katrina Hodgkinson to save our marine sanctuaries and the precious wildlife they protect. Join us and send them an email today!


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